I’m learning 3D!

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

I’m not gonna hide it – I wasn’t very creative recently. I couldn’t force myself to pick up a pencil or stylus. Maybe because of what is happening around us, maybe because meds I’m taking – I’m not sure. My very supportive girlfriend suggested that I should give a try to learn something completely new, and she really motivated me to try out 3D modelling. And guess what? It worked. I finished basic Blender tutorial, a famous rite of passage for every 3D noob: The Doughnut!

Very basic, yet yummy-looking

I really recommend this tutorial, because it’s not teaching you how to model a doughnut, it’s purpose is to introduce you to multiple Blender’s functions trough practice. Blender is a powerful tool which is very overwhelming for beginners, but the tutorial is quite easy to follow. Nodes are no longer scary for me. 😉


I’m not interested in making 3D animations (well, not yet!), but I’ve decided to finish all from series anyway and this is the end result:

It’s not much, but still I’m kinda proud I made it to the end. 😀

Next step?

Modelling and texturing simple objects – for sure. I’ve tried anvil tutorial – which was more challenging. A lot of stuff is not going as it should be, some because tutorial is made for older version of Blender, and tools are named differently; I’ve also made a lot of mistakes with unwrapping for sure, so I’ll probably spend a lot more time learning how to do it better. Anyway it’s a bit of frustration and a lot of fun. 😀

I have no idea, what went wrong with UV’s – it worked fine and then – it didn’t. I’ll have to repeat everything step by step.

In the end…

I’m already trying to model things all by myself, not relying on tutorials, but I still have problems with shapes and edit tools. Anyway – I’ve just started the journey and I’m really exited to learn more.


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