Mixed media
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2019 | water based pens + colour pencils | Test of paper and new water based pens. I really liked how it worked together. πŸ™‚

Green Valley

2019 | a5, watercolours mixed with watercolour pencils and polychromos

Hoopoe dragon

2018 | a5, polychromos | Dragon inspired by hoopoe, which I saw during that years vacations. πŸ™‚

Waterfall dragon

2018 | a5, polychromos | One of my Smaugut's entries!

Battle scars

2018 | a5, watercolours | Wanted to draw dragon mugshot, they are so tricky, but fun. πŸ™‚

Dragon Warlock

2011 | watercolour pencils, watercolours and other media | Gift for a friend.
Pencil drawings
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Next in the Line

2022 | a5, pencils: 2b, 4b, 6b | Newest addition to pencil portraits series

The Gentle

2018 | A5, pencils

The Veteran

2011 | A4, mechanical pencil | And another one from not very engaging lecture.

The Wise Dragon

2006 - 2010 | A4, pencils, mechanical 2b pencil | This is my most popular drawing on the internet (as well as most stolen). It actually was drawn during the lectures at my Uni. πŸ˜‰

Taste of Freedom

2006 (2010) | a4, pencils | Collaborative art between Naseilen and DragonLady (dragonlady.pl), which was used as a header of Forum Draconis
Ink drawings
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Dragon 24

2017 | fineliners


2017 | fineliners | Dragon based on a crocodile

Dragon 22

2016 | fineliners | I've seen so many amazing inktober entries and felt a bit guilty I didn't participate this year

Green Iguana

2014 | fineliners | Dragon inspired by green iguana
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Cromlech gathering

2020 | Photoshop | Personal drawing for special group project

Dragon 23

2020 (2016) | Photoshop + Clip Studio Paint | Freshened up painting from 2016

Copper dragon

2020 | Photoshop | warm up sketch

Stay at home

2020 | CSP | Drawn in the first weeks of lockdown...

Nap time!

2019 | CSP | Do dragons with long necks sleep like giraffes?

Dragons vs printers

2018 | Everyone knows that printers are devices from hell!


2019 | CSP | Enchanted prince or princess or non-binary royal


2019 | CSP | had to cheat and put a few inktober challenges in one