ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals”. These cards have one main rule – they are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches – the size of a trading card.

Additional info

Below you can see cards I sent to my fellow artists and my personal collection. Themes of the traded cards were requested by the other side. If you like to trade, feel free to contact me! Personal collection was made from cards done for fun and to practice different techniques. Those are available for sale.

Personal art

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Vetra Nyx

Vetra is a character from MassEffect: Andromeda.
2017; fineliners, watercolours, markers and white gel-pen

Ink Dragon

B&W example, also a test of drawing as many details as possible on small card. 😉

Sea dragon

Test of promarkers on bristol card.


Random turian from Mass Effect, because Turians are awesome.


Fanart of Raziel from Soul Reaver
2014; fineliners, watercolor pencils, white gel-pen

Brown dragon

Detailed dragon, drawn as a practice for using watercolor on small formats.


Portrait of one of my named dragons, made for practice.
2011; mixed media


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Adramus is a character designed by LadyFromEast.
2015; fineliners, watercolor pencils, markers

ACEO Fluffy

2015; fineliners, promarkers, white gel-pen
Trade with PurpleWish23@dA


This card was a gift for my close friend, characters are based on one of her drawings.
2014; fineliners, markers, white pen

European bison

Trade with kailavmp@dA
2014; watercolors, fine-liner, white gel-pen


Crimson is OC of dreameroftheblue@dA
2014, fineliners, watercolors

ACEO ElorenLeianor

2013; fineliners, watercolors, white gel-pen
Trade with ElorenLeianor@dA


2012; mixed media
Additional aceo for grzanka. Edward Elric is a character from our favourite manga - Full Metal Alchemist.

ACEO Esmerra

2011, mixed media
trade with Esmerra@dA