Comic prepared for contest organised by one of Polish Dragon Age fansites – Cuda Thedas. Morrigan is my favourite npc from DragonAge: Orgins.

HK - Inspired

Because we all love the iconic HK-55!!!! Right??!!

I did not understand SWToR’s devs obsesion over HK-55, which was a blant rip-off of famous HK-47. Anyway, after years, I still think that those rewards were ridicolous.

Elves of Tolkien

The Silmarillion gave me a new perspective.

Bribe Detector

Archon Tunon and his famous bribe detector.

Tunon from Tyranny was able to scent a bribe or lie from miles! How did he do that? I had an idea for series of comics inspired by Tyranny. I got some of them written down, so there is still a chance.