Hello, I’m Naseilen – artist, hobbyist and fantasy enthusiast. This page is a presentation of my art, hobbies and ideas. 


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Next in the Line

2022 | a5, pencils: 2b, 4b, 6b | Newest addition to pencil portraits series

Dragon 22

2016 | fineliners | I've seen so many amazing inktober entries and felt a bit guilty I didn't participate this year

Dragon 24

2017 | fineliners

Cromlech gathering

2020 | Photoshop | Personal drawing for special group project


2017 | fineliners | Dragon based on a crocodile

Green Iguana

2014 | fineliners | Dragon inspired by green iguana

Waterfall dragon

2018 | a5, polychromos | One of my Smaugut's entries!

Battle scars

2018 | a5, watercolours | Wanted to draw dragon mugshot, they are so tricky, but fun. 🙂

News & Updates

I’m learning 3D!

I’m learning 3D!

I'm not gonna hide it - I wasn't very creative recently. I couldn't force myself to pick up a pencil or stylus. Maybe because of what is happening...

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Redesign? Finished!

Redesign? Finished!

New asset for contact page 🙂 Welcome to refreshed naseilen.com! I'm still working on little tweaks and details, trying to keep this page as...

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Page under redesign!

Page under redesign!

I'm redesigning page. Again. This time, I'd like to finish everything I abandoned last time. I hope this is the final version of it. Thumbs...

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