Redesign? Finished!

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Site updates

Dragon Mail
New asset for contact page 🙂

Welcome to refreshed! I’m still working on little tweaks and details, trying to keep this page as consistent as possible – and I still feel it’s not good enough (I’ve heard that designing for yourself is the hardest!). I’m also adding some older drawings to portfolios every day. Can’t wait to move to the new stuff.

So, what changed? First of all – I did a clean WordPress setup with a new database. Previous one was already reminding Frankenstein’s monster, with those all used and unused plugins, miss-matched themes and so on. Though I am still learning and this page is still a testing polygon, I’m trying keep it clean and not overly complicated.

First of all – all portfolio categories are now live – including digitals! I’ve also decided that portfolios need to look clean and sleek – so I went with the big tiles. No more categories – previous design with every category and header for it was actually quite distracting. Now all focus is on art, as it should be.

Hope you are doing okay during this hard, pandemic time.


I’m self taught artist born and raised in Poland. My core interests are connected to archaeology, mythology and folklore.